Posted by: Author | December 9, 2011

Friday Facts- December 9, 2011- Why Mistletoe?

Mistletoe is a parasite. it grows on host trees and sucks nutrients from that host. It has been revered back to ancient times – believed to bestow fertility and be an aphrodisiac, it was used as far back as Druid and Roman times in fertility rites. It was also believed to protect against poisoning.

Branches of mistletoe were hung in ancient dwellings to protect from evil spirits as well as witches. If you get a chance, read this article. It is full of wonderful information:

No wonder we kiss under the mistletoe- it was a fertility rite in ancient times- I’m happy to say that I didn’t conceive any children under the mistletoe and muse be immune to its power. 

Happy kissing this holiday season and be sure to wear protection!


  1. Lol a bunch. Yes, I put up Mistletoe every year, even though my fertility days are done with. I guess I like the romance of it. Although now that I know it’s a parasite… lol. You find the craziest information! I love Friday Facts.

    • Yep. I love crazy info. Parasite or not, I love mistletoe. Speaking of parasites, I’m convinced kudzu has the cure to cancer. Why else would God give us so much of it?

  2. Hope you’re feeling better today. I did know that Mistletoe was a parasite. I sort of equate it to ivy as far as growing on trees. I’ve never put it up. Now I’m thinking it might have been some deep rooted aversion to the fertility part. 🙂

    • Thanks for the well wishes, Lavada. I laughed out .loud at the fertility aversion comment and I love that you used the word “rooted” simce it is a plant! heheh

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