Posted by: Author | December 12, 2011


On one of my writer loops, a new writer who was working on her very first edits had some questions about the process and we got on the topic of voice. So, today, I want to talk a little bit about voice. My writing voice is something precious to me. I think that’s probably true of most of us writers. After all, our voice is what makes each of us unique. I don’t mind if someone hates my voice because that is their right. I don’t like every writer I read and I’m quite sure that everyone who reads my work doesn’t like it. Reading and writing is super subjective. I have a sassy, irreverent style and I think that’s because that’s who I am.

I know many kind, gentle people who write inspirationals. But I also have a friend who I always want to assign her the role of an inspirational writer because she’s so quiet and sweet- then she let me read some of her work- which I adore, by the way, but she’s pretty sassy herself in her writing.  Goes to show you that we can’t always tell how someone writes by talking to them.

So, I guess the point of this post is that we all should stay true to our voice even if it’s nothing like the personality we show to the outer world and we should defend our uniqueness against all who try to make us into something we aren’t.  My advice to all writers is to defend your voice. No matter what. It is what makes your writing special and once it’s developed well, anyone will be able to tell your stories are written by you since the voice will remain the same whether it’s a contemporary, a historical or a paranormal story.

Hang tight. Always!



  1. You’re right, Jillian. You should always remain true to your voice and not change it. It might not work out at first, might not click with some people, but all it takes is finding one person who gets it.

    • Amen Danica! You and I are on the same page as usual!

  2. I think that being able to ‘live’ outside of yourself is what makes me love creating stories. I hadn’t given it a lot of thought but having a voice different from real life is an aspect I like and embrace.

    • I think that’s great, Lavada- I think we all have characters who are not as we are in life, but I think our manuscripts can’t help but have a bit of the real us in them. Even just a smidge.

  3. Defending your voice is tough to do when you’re trying to break into this business, but you’re right. It’s worth it to prevail.

    • It is hard sometimes, esp when you are new. I hope the newest writers hold on to their voice as much as they can.

  4. I get a lot of shock at what I write. Especially my adult. I guess I’m soft spoken or something. LOL
    You are so right, Jillian. We should always stay true to our voice.

    • I love that Ciara! So cool. I’ve actually been told I should write an inspy but my voice leads me in a way that I can’t. Maybe someday but I doubt it.

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