Posted by: Author | December 25, 2011

Heading Home

Up super early to get to airport to come home. The trains are all down in London for boxing day so have to take bus which is longer and way less convenient as the bus stop for the airport is all the way across town. Have a 9 hour flight and then an 8 hour layover so it’ll be a 27 hour day by the time I get home. Fun times.

Also got cover while I was gone for my short story release in February. Love it.




  1. Be safe. Take good care of yourself, and ca me when you get home!!!

    • That would be “call me.” hate this teeny-weenie keyboard!

  2. Nice Christmas present! Hey, survive the trip home. I sure hope you’ve got tomorrow to re-group before heading back into your normal schedule.

    • Thanks Laurie. I have the day off but I’ll prob go in as I’ll be of kilter with my sleep schedule.

  3. Welcome home. I love the cover.

    • Thanks Lavada. Just in the door and gonna crash.

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