Posted by: Author | January 5, 2012

Looking for Photos

I’ve been looking online for royalty free photos for my book trailers I’m trying to make. Can I just say, it’s super hard to find a buff African American man who has on a camoflauge shirt. I have been trolling the sites where photos can be purchased to use to no avail. I went to lunch at one of my favorite places on Wednesday, the 3rd and lo and behold, there sat the perfect man to pose for pictures to be Sebastian in my novel. Too bad I was too chicken to ask him. He was quite lovely and had an amazing physique that was set off by the ribbed wool sweater he had on.  I pointed him out to my friend, Arabella and she agreed that he was “pretty.”  Alas, I let him walk away, too afraid that he would think I was a nutcase.


  1. He might have been flattered!!

    • Maybe, maybe. More likely, he’d have had me arrested. Lol

  2. There have been times when I’ve seen someone and thought they were perfect hero or heroine material. I wonder if I could sureptitiously take a picture of them, but I never do it. lol

    • I thought about it. I had my iPod camera.

  3. You should have gone for it. Who knows. I almost asked a guy at the coffee shop drive through, but considering it was for a YA and I’m a grown woman. Well, I thought it best to keep driving.

    • Hehehehe. I agree. Keep on swimming, as Dorie said in Finding Nemo.

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