Posted by: Author | January 17, 2012

Frustration Level

As many of you know, I’m the reluctant chairman of my chapter’s RWA conference. I’m super frustrated with the whole process. I spent my whole day off working on the damnable thing and I can’t seem to win. Every time I think I take a step or two forward, I get knocked back ten. I’m not a person who throws in the towel easily but there is where I am. It’s a thankless job and I don’t need the stress of it in addition to everything else going on in my life.

I’ve got to nail down a couple of more details before I turn it over to someone else, but turn it over I shall. I can’t deal with it anymore.


  1. Been there, I’m volunteering less and less these days. Life if too short.

  2. Seems like being smart and organized can be its own sort of punishment. Hang in there.

  3. I’ve dealt with things like that and I agree with Lavada, life is too short to willingly introduce more stress into your life.

  4. You’re doing an awesome job with the conference. The chapter would not make it without you. Thank you for all your hard work even if it goes unrecognized sometimes. Let me know what I can do to help you.

  5. Don’t see how you do everything you do but it’s not thankless. Everyone is amazed at the outstanding job you’re doing. I certainly appreciate the time you’ve put into it, esp with your day job in which your time is your money. If there’s anything I can do from 350 miles away, I will. Rita

  6. Hang in there. I’ve never taken on that huge of a project, but HAVE over-volunteered myself, so I can feel your pain.

    • Thanks. I booked airfare all day and now I have people not happy with flights and I’m over here with no computer and can’t do a damn thing. People’s Impatience is making me crazy.

      • Take names and I’ll kick ass OR we can avoid being sued for assault and just take names for later. Either way, it’s an aggravation you shouldn’t have to put up with. RB

      • Thanks Rita.

  7. I know how you feel. Hang in there. It will be over soon. I’ve learned to run and hi when they call for volunteers. 🙂

    • Thanks Ciara. I thought, mistakenly, that I was going to be merely a figurehead of a group blog I’m on that said they were all going to help. Did not quite work out that way.

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