Posted by: Author | January 19, 2012

Feeling Better…For the Moment

I am feeling better right now about things, but I know it’s a tenuous thing. One little thing could upset my apple cart again so I’m holding onto the moment of good feelings.

I’m meeting some friends for lunch and that should be fun. I plan to have a beer- a Sweetwater 420. They are light and refreshing so even if my friends aren’t fun and refreshing today, I’ll have my brew to keep me company and sometimes, that’s enough, right?


  1. What? How can you even suggest that I would be anything less than “fun and refreshing”? I am, in fact, the human equivalent of a Sweetwater 420.
    No, cancel that. I am a human Pinot Grigio. Or a Mai Tai. Or a Cosmopolitan. An appletini….

    • You are indeed all of the above, my friend but you did NOT say you were coming; ergo, I didn’t know if you’d be there to light up my life.

  2. You’ve more than earned this tiny bit of down time. Enjoy it and carve out some more time for it, too, eh?

  3. I’m with Laurie, you’ve earned it.

    • Thanks!! I appreciate you guys. By the way, I saw you have a retro release on sale with BookStrand this week. Congrats!

  4. I didn’t know thanks bunches for telling me. I’ll check it out.

    • Glad to tell you. I also posted it on my facebook page. Hope it gets you some sales.

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