Posted by: Author | January 21, 2012

Book Trailer Made by My Publisher

Check out this trailer for Snowbound Hearts.


  1. Outstanding, Jillian. Sets a tone, gives info. Love it. Rita Bay

  2. I’m with Rita. I love it. It makes me even more excited to be working with Still Moments.

  3. Very cool, Jiiian. They did a great job with this trailer. It’s short and interesting.

  4. I’ve never wanted to do a trailer until now. Ummmm a future project. I have Snowbound but it’s on the home computer and I need to download it to the nook when I get home. Now I can’t wait.

    • Awesome, Lavada. I love trailers. They are fun. I hope you like Sophie’s story when you get to read it. Thanks for the support.

  5. Cool trailer!
    And, hey, I’m nominating you for The Versatile Blogger award. Check out my post ( to see the award and the instructions that come with it.

    • Thanks Liv. I appreciate the nomination! The trailer is awesome, isn’t it?

  6. Great trailer. Wow, and your publisher made it. I didn’t know publishers did that. Congrats!

    • I love it, too and this is the first one of my publishers to do so. It was a nice surprise.

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