Posted by: Author | January 27, 2012

Friday Facts- January 27, 2012- Uyimbube

Uyimbube is a Zulu phrase meaning you are a lion. It was a lyric in a song written by an African singer of Zulu origin named Solomon Linda. The song was recorded in the 1930s. It was called Mbube.

Eventually, the song made its way to the international stage and was recorded by The Weavers as a song called Wimowah, which was a mis-hearing of the word Uyimbube from the original song.

We all know the song as The Lion Sleeps Tonight– here is the familiar version by The Tokens:



  1. There are two songs that, when I catch bits and pieces of them, stick in my head for days. One is Ten Million Fireflies by Owl City. This is the other one.

    lol. Heading out to a writer’s retreat today. Two days of writing and the inspiration of other writers. Yay!

    • HEHEHE- Glad to accomodate. Hope it goes away soon!

  2. Yep this song stays with me too. I’m going to the retreat with Laurie and am soooo ready. Not to get packed.

    • Have fun, Lavada. I’m sure it will be great! You and Laurie can sing together.

  3. That is too funny. I think they got it right in their own way. I mean, that song is still stuck in my head. 🙂

    • I agree, Ciara. It’s a cute song and it stays with a person!

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