Posted by: Author | February 8, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Available now:

Guest blogging here today: and here: and yeah, I know, I’m saying words. So sue me.



  1. Woot, woot! You’re burning it up this year, my friend!

    • Burning up and out, my love! Truly it is awesome but tough for one week. I love all my babies.

  2. I really like this picture. =) Congrats on the publication of another great piece of work.

  3. What a lovely cover, Jillian. Congrats on another new release! Are these stories the same length or longer than the Snowbound Hearts stories? I enjoyed them a lot and loved that they were quick and easy reads.

    • Thanks Laurie. They are similar in length. All are less than 15,000 words. So glad you liked Snowbound Hearts.

  4. Wow, how in the world are you doing this? If you can bottle it I’ll take a dozen.

    Seriously, good going. Love the cover.

    • I have no clue, Lavada. I wrote the story way back before Christmas and Sebastian’s story was my NaNo story of 2010. Harlequin had it for a year and never said yes or no and I got tired of waiting and sent to Bookstrand.. They just happened to come out together. LOL!

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