Posted by: Author | February 10, 2012

Friday Facts- February 10, 2012- Carefree Highway

I’m guest blogging today at my friends blog. Talking about Sebastian’s Salvation with Steph!

Gordon Lightfoot and I have a lot in common. No, I can’t sing worth a toot so that’s not it. He uses road signs for ideas and I do, too. In fact, Quincy Holt in Surfer Bride got her name from two cities on road signs on my drive to Tallahassee each month. Other characters got their names the same way. On road trips. It’s quite handy.

The legend is that Gordon Lightfoot got the idea for this song from a road sign north of Phoenix, Arizona. It’s on a highway that leads to a town called Carefree, Arizona. It’s a highway near interstate 17. I think it’s super awesome. He said he wrote down the name of the highway as a good song title and kept it for 8 months until the song came to him.

I can totally relate. Even have done it. Several times.


  1. Every time I hear Gordon Lightfoot, I think of my brother, LOL

  2. Some of my Scout Dads are Lightfoot fans and play and sing his music. They have given me a renewed appreciation. Didn’t know about the road signs (for him anyway) thanks for sharing.

  3. I LOVE that song. 🙂

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