Posted by: Author | February 17, 2012

Friday Facts- February 17, 2012- Lupercalia

Inside Augustus Caesar's House- Rome

Lupercalia was the celebration in old Rome for fertility during the time of the Caesars. It was celebrated in February. When the Christian’s philosophy took root in the culture, they tried to incorporate the pagan holidays and that may be why February was chosen for the time to celebrate St. Valentine’s day. Even if not, it’s a romantic thought, isn’t it? There are rumors to this effect, but I for one, don’t believe them.


  1. I loved Rome. I’ve been a few times, and the architectural beauty, culture, and food is like no other place in the world. Thanks for the Friday Fact.

    • I love Rome, too- soooo much history and beauty! I studied it in high school Latin class and have always enjoyed myself there.

  2. High school Latin, eh? I took the mandatory two years (Catholic school) then dropped it like a hot potato. lol TGIF!

    • I loved it, Laurie. Took four years. Even placed in district and state competitions. It was super fun. Yes, I am insane. Lol.

  3. A friend’s Valentines FB status referred to naked Roman day. Our current incarnation has its flaws (Hallmark, anybody?), but at least we (publicly) keep our clothes on.

    • Yes, we do leave on clothes, for the most part! LOL! The Romans actually hit women with a device with straps on this day to enhance their fertility- I say- huh to that. I’m not about to be fertile with someone who hit me- LOL!

  4. I haven’t visited Rome but would love to.

    • it is a wonderful city. It actually snowed there last week and the picture of the coliseum with snow fall was gorgeous.

  5. Lavada!
    Great blog! I look forward to reading Nothing to Lose. It’s in my wish basket.


  6. Interesting. I’ve heard some rumors about the beginnings of Valentine’s day. Things that make you go hmmmmm.

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