Posted by: Author | March 20, 2012

Today’s Super Friend Guest, Kate Patrick!

Jillian: Kate is one of my chapter mates. She’s a wonderful person and so much fun! Her first book recently came out and I think you’ll love it. Thanks for dropping by, Kate! Tell us about your debut novel, One Sizzling Summer.

Kate: Ava is an American in London for the summer to work on her
doctorate degree in Psychology. She meets British actor, Quinton
Worthington, while running in the park early one morning. They
are instantly attracted to one another, and begin a passionate,
no strings attached fling. Both are career-oriented people, and
want no distractions that would come with commitment. As time
goes on, they secretly realize they could fall for each other. This
realization has them both behaving strangely in an effort to put
some distance between them. They ultimately have to decide
what is more important – the career of a lifetime or the love of a

Jillian: Where do you get your ideas for the stories you write?

Kate: I mainly get my ideas from the lyrics of songs I hear and like. I
begin to create a story around a scene that pops into my head,
and before long, I have a full length book!

Jillian: What song did you have in your head when you started One
Sizzling Summer?

Kate: “Slave to Love” by Bryan Ferry. I could listen to the intro of that
song a hundred times and not tire of it.

Jillian: What advice do you have for those writers that are trying to
become published authors?

Kate: Without a doubt, it would be to join the nearest RWA chapter,
and surround yourself with other writers. Some of the members
are published, and can help you chart your course heading in
that direction. They are willing to critique your work, and give
some suggestions to make it ready to submit to a publisher. You
won’t regret it..

Jillian: Thank you for sharing a little bit about yourself and your new
Book, One Sizzling Summer, available through Siren BookStrand
Publishing. We’ll leave everyone with a blurb about the book.

Kate: Thanks for having me, Jillian. I hope everyone enjoys meeting
Ava and Quinton as much as I enjoyed telling their story!

One Sizzling Summer by Kate Patrick

Ava Preston came to London with one goal in mind – finish work for her doctorate degree. Quinton Worthington was close to reaching his goal of working in America – something he knew would skyrocket his acting career. Everything was going according to plan until the workaholics collided with one another while out for an early morning run. The attraction is instantly undeniable.
Careers take a backseat as they indulge in what began as a three-day weekend of passionate red-hot sex, driven only by insatiable lust with absolutely no strings attached. Surprisingly, both privately feel a relationship might be possible, but neither dares divulge this fact in light of their focused career paths. Thus, the lovers begin to distance themselves to lessen the odds of falling in love.
But, Ava has a secret and knows she must sever all ties with Quinton. Can he convince her their passion could go far beyond…One Sizzling Summer?

JILLIAN: ALSO wanted to add: Happy birthday today to my friend, Arabella Stokes!


  1. Nice to meet you Kate. Sounds like a great read. Wishing you mega sales. I just published my 5th book with BookStrand mainstream and the 6th overall book (one is a self pubbed). It’s the first time I’ve seen these kind of sales. From this, I’m thinking that the more you write and get the stories out there the better the sales. Though from what I’ve heard the Siren (erotic) side is faster.

    I’ll know soon as I’m doing one now under a different name so will be starting from scratch.

    • Lavada- good luck with the new line of stories!

  2. Fantastic cover!

    • Kate sure did get lucky with the cover Gods, didn’t she, Danica?

  3. Just wanted to pop back by and say thank you again for having me as your guest today. It was a pleasure to chat with you and your friends about the book. I appreciate the positive comments, too!

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