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A Wonderful Guest- Cyndi D’Alba

I met Cyndi through RWA and she’s a wonderful person and so much fun. I hope you’ll enjoy her post. Take it away, Cyndi!

I Cantz Spel

Hai everybody. Mah naym is Cyndi an I haz confeshun…I cantz spell. It’s not dat I’m not educatd. I iz. I haz two mastah degreez an doctorate. But as far bak as I can remember, spellin haz bean hurdle for me. Thank goodness fur spel chekr an computers.

Okay, enough of that! I’m not quite that bad but I do have my moments and words that want to stump me at every turn. Here are some of my stumblers…
♥ Restaurant – if someone put a gun to my head and said spell that correctly, I’m afraid they’d just have to pull the trigger. Confession…I spelled it wrong and autocorrect fixed it for this post!
♥ Primarily – since I pronounce this as “Prime-air-a-lee” I want to reverse the “i” and the “r” and like restaurant above, autocorrect fixed it.
♥ Practitioner – I actually have a nurse practitioner license and still the word will stump me. I want to spell it practionner. I realize that’s wrong but that’s usually how I type it the first time.
♥ When I was working on my doctorate, I used the word, Chancellor, a lot. I finally programmed my word to type “Chancellor” every time I typed “Chan.” It saved loads of time!
♥ February – Can you guess what letter I omit?

A few years ago I began doing a daily crossword puzzle (I just spelled puzzle as “puzzel” and autocorrect jumped on it.) I probably know more than 95% of the answers but I struggle to spell the word correctly. Lucky for me, my husband is a spelling bee champion (from fifth grade but hey! Bad spellers take what help we can get!). So it is common in our house to hear, “Honey! How do you spell fill-in-a-word.” He’ll spell it and I move to the next clue.

At my sister’s house, she has this sign. So perfect for me!

So tell me…What word trips you?

Thanks Jillian for hosting me today!

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Today, I’m with Jillian.

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Thanks for coming by today!


  1. I hate Mortgage for some reason February (thank you autocorrect) and Wednesday catch me too. They just don’t seem right. Of course if I was looking at that cowboy on your cover I wouldn’t even be able to type. Fun post. Thanks for sharing with us.

    • Thanks for coming in and saying hi to Cyndi.

    • Another one is refrigerator. I’ve just typed that word three times to get ti right!

      Mortgage…yep. another one!

      Thanks for coming by

  2. Cynthia,
    It’s GREAT to see you here. And congratulations on Texas Two Step going “live”. Woohoo! That’s awesome.
    As for words that trip me up? Well, a biggie is maintenance. I keep typing maintainance. I think my spell checker is a little perturbed at me for that. 🙂
    And hey, Jillian! ‘Sup?

    • Hi Laurie! Oh yes! I forgot about maintenance. I just used spell checker to get it right for this answer. Words with lots of “e” and “a” mess me up.

      And let’s not get started when to “affect” versus “effect”! ARGH

  3. For me the word is definitely. I spelled it right this morning and that was a surprise.

    Love your cover for Texas Two Step. Congratulations for it’s release.

    • Hi Lavada! I agree! I definitely have trouble with “Definitely” (I just copied how you spelled it! )

  4. I’ll be in and out all day! check back often today! 🙂

  5. My word that I have issues with right now? Regulatory. It’s the field I’m in so you wouldn’t think I would have to stop and think how to spell it every time but I do.

    I can’t wait for Texas Two Step to come out! Congratulations! (Had to think about that one as I spelled it too!)


    • Texas Two Step is OUT! Go get it now. 🙂 Look at the end of the post for the links.

      Regulatory…hope. I can spell that one.

      Now congratulations? I have to think about that. 🙂

      Thanks for leaving a message

  6. congrats on your new release and a word I always misspell is serparate. Hope that is right lol.
    and btw your cover is smoking.
    scrtsbpal at yahoo dot com

    • Hi Pam. Yep. I agree that my cover is smokin’ hot! I’ve been looking what it would cost to put it on a beach towel! hee hee

      Separate can be a problem for me. I bet you want to spell it seperate, right?

  7. I can’t really think of a word that trips me up with spelling. In high school, my English teacher actually used to ask me to double check his spelling before class started whenever he wrote something on the board. I even get asked by my coworkers how to spell something when they could just look it up on the computer.

    • Karin…you are my husband! He can spell almost anything. We are a perfect match…he spells, I can’t! LOL

  8. I have to say, I don’t have a word that usually trips me up. Maybe I just don’t write or talk that much or maybe I use words I know I can spell. Maybe, I’m just lucky. I don’t know. Congrats on the release. Can’t wait to read it.

    Joanne B

    • Hi Joanne! I’ve gotten where I hardly ever write notes by hand because of my horrible spelling. 🙂

  9. I’m usually an OK speller, but I always have to double-check what I type because often my fingers AREN’T! I’m constantly reversing letters and wanting to misspell names, including my own (“Fedroa?”) But when I was growing, my sister was my dictionary 🙂 Now I have to rely on spellcheck 😉

    • Good sister

      • Yep–she’s the best 🙂

  10. Spelling has always been easy for me-except for some reason, I always want to add the invisible ‘h’ to words that sound like they should have them-like sure or sugar. I usually catch it in time, but I did write shure once in a review, luckily spell check caught it before I sent it in. Mostly, it is a case of my fingers typing faster than my brain thinks.

    • Okay. My apologies. I’ve been out “with the girls” and let’s just say, we kept the bartender busy! 🙂

      I live in the south. I have an accent (ask anyone) so if I spell a word the way I pronounce it, well…that doesn’t work for me! 🙂 So based on that, I can see Surgar… 🙂

      Thanks for leaving me a message

  11. Waiting til late to chime in. I’m super-speller. I can pretty much spell anything. Now, typing…. not so much! I’m a hunt and pecker and miss a lot. If we still had typewriters, I could never be a writer!

    • I’m pretty good typer, Jillian. The problem I have is that I think faster than I type and the dumbest (side note…why does dumb have a “b” at the end of it???) words will stump me. :

      Thanks for letting me be here today. I’ll pick a winner for the GC on Saturday.

      • Lol. Good question. I don’t know why the b at the end. Hehee.

  12. I’m usually ok on words, but the one word that gets me is definitely. I try to put the e where the second i is. lol

    • Yep. Definitely…For some reason I want to put an “a” in there somewhere!

      thanks for coming by and leaving a message

  13. Hi Cynthia and Jilian! I smiled because I do that so much with February and thats my birthday month but I still do it wrong! I can’t say half the new words and names that used now so I spell them as I think they must sound! I too use words like sign instead of sigh cuz they spelled so closely! All the coffee names are hard to spell! I make them all up, like frapachinno and often the spell checker doesn’t have a suggestion for me, LOL

    cathiecaffey AT gmail DOT com

    • Lol. I love it.

    • I do type sigh when I mean sign but I count that as a type, not a misspelling because I KNOW how sigh and sign are spelled.

      I hate when I KNOW somewhere in my mind what I want to say but I just can’t grab the word.

      Thanks for coming by and leaving a message

  14. Great post! Word checker is wonderful. lol I tell you professors are the worst when it comes to spelling. Perpetuity is one of those hard to remember to spell words/Australia is another. lol christina_92 at

    • Professors are the worst at spelling? YAY! I finally have an excuse, except now that I’m no longer teaching, I need another excuse.

      Perpetuity…wouldn’t even begin to try that one. LOL

  15. Winner of gift card is cathiecaffey AT gmail DOT com


    • Thanks for posting it Cyndi! You’re so super competent. Love you and was glad to have you pop in.

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