Posted by: Author | March 25, 2012

Contest! Name That Short Story

I wrote a short story that’s called Surf Burger right now. It comes out this summer from Still Moments Publishing. I was encouraged by the publisher to change the name and I’m cool with that. It’s a story set on the beach and the premise of all the stories in the anthology is (from publisher’s website)- “Sworn off love after having their hearts broken, these heroines get more than they bargained for when they decide to spend the summer at the beach!”

The heroine of my story is a former professional surfer (yes, I know. I like to have surfer heroines- so sue me) who had her heart broken by her former husband. She left the surf circuit and got her PhD. She’s now a professor on a college campus. She decides to rent a cottage on the beach for the summer and enjoy that lifestyle again. To make the money to afford both her place in town and the cottage, she works as a waitress at a local hambuger joint called Surf Burger.

The hero is a local cop who serves as the deputy in charge of the sub-station on the beach. And that’s all I can say.

So, I need name suggestions. I have three so far. The prize if your suggestion wins is an e-copy of the anthology when it comes out. So, hit me with your best shot- I can take it!


  1. Her name is Hannah Marie (she hates her middle name) Davis

    His name is Mark Malone

    There you go!

    • They have names, the story is done. I need a title. But I love the names. Jotting them down!

  2. …I’m thinking something about a flashback…
    Surfer Babe’s Flashback
    Surf Mama Flashback

    …or in a different direction…
    Did You Want Fries With That?
    The summer I Went Back To The Beach And Caught A
    Totally Awesome Ride
    Shore Break
    My Summer As A Surf Gypsy

    And I’m at the end of a 24-hour shift, so am a little rummy, but hopefully one of these will trigger something that works for you.

    • Lol. I like some of them. Can’t deal with the mama part. Lol.

  3. You could use a surfer term that has an dual meaning to describe not only a wave or or surfer move, but also their love story. An obvious choice is Beach Break, which is a fun wave to surf but usually short in duration (and your hero and heroine meet while she’s taking a break at the beach). Or incorporate the word “lineup” which is commonly used – albeit with very different meaning – with both surfers and policemen. Can’t wait to read the new short. You know I loved Surfer Bride!

    • OOOH, Joan, I like that. Good ideas. Both of them! I was going to try to incorporate Hodad but that’s a more obscure term. LOL! Thanks for sasying you love Surfer Bride.

      • And I know almost nothing about surfing but have a friend in pennsylvania who takes vacays in Cali just to catch some waves. So I have picked up a little lingo. I will have to figure out what Hodad is! I like “axed” but didn’t want to conjure up any lizzie borden imagery…not exactly romantic hee hee.

      • LOL! Indeed axed is not romantic. I have a son who surfs. That’s my experience- he and his mates and their lingo. I also have another surfer story in a romance magazine. I like that lifestyle to use in fiction.

  4. I’m drawing a complete blank here, but am enjoying the conversation a lot! Good luck!

  5. I agonize over names. We used to have a miniature horse stable and each year I’d have to name the new foals. The always tried to name them something that would stand out in the show ring. Or course all them would be champions, yet right. One year when the Mariners were hot and “My Oh My” caught on. So of course one of the little guys received the name.

    “Catch The Big One”
    “Return to the Surf”

    It a little early for me, heading for that first cup of coffee.

    • Love the horse story, Lavada. Good choices for names, too.

  6. How about “Wet His Appetite” or some play on the anti-drunk driving campaign they do in our town: “Over the Limit, Under Arrest.” Or “Heat Wave.” Good luck with your title!

    • Ooooh Shay! I like those. Espe. Wet his Appetite. Nice!

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