Posted by: Author | April 12, 2012

National Be Kind to Lawyers Day

My friend, Joan S., is awesome. Every month, she sends out a calendar of neat and unique holidays. This month, I was happy to see there is actually a Be Kind to Lawyers Day. How about that?

So, for today and today only, please be kind to every lawyer you meet. We’re only human after all! And, oh yeah, it’s also licorice day, so you could combine the two and give your lawyer some licorice. I prefer the red swizzle ones.



  1. While I adore the sentiment, according to the places I checked, it was actually on Tuesday. I am hurt that no one at work did anything to commemorate the day.

    • Well, maybe they think it’s today, too. Lol. No one commemorated for me either.

  2. Yep I like the red licorice too. Though Jack did pick some berry flavored the other day that was good.

    So Happy Lawyer appreciation day.

    • Thanks for the good wishes, Lavada. Berry licorice sounds divine.

  3. It is easy to be kind to you EVERY day!

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