Posted by: Author | April 17, 2012

Super Excited About New Edits

I got an email this morning from the editor at my newest publishing house, Secret Cravings, and I should be getting my edits on The Season of the Witch soon from her. I’m looking forward to seeing how she’s going to help make this story even better. This is probably the hottest story I’ve ever written and I’m eager to see the changes that she suggests. It’s always an adventure to learn the things I missed in the story. Sometimes, my brain moves faster than I type (who am I kidding- it ALWAYS does) and I leave out things that I know were there when I was thinking about the story- they just didn’t make it to the page. Some duh moments indeed if we don’t know how the heroine suddenly has a hairbrush in her hand if she didn’t pull it out of her bag. It’s funny how the brain sees what it thinks is there. That’s one of the many reasons I love editors- they catch my silly errors!

So, soon, I’ll be diving in- I also am now eagerly anticipating the cover for the new story. One of my friends who also writes for Secret Cravings got her cover over the weekend and it is SUPER AWESOME!!


  1. Laurie finds these for me. She’s pure gold. By the way, I love the cover for the The Gambler. Wishing you much success.

    • Laurie is indeed golden! Love her! Thanks for the good wishes on the Gambler- cover was fun as they first gave me one that looked very Western and nothing in this story takes place West of the Mississippi River. LOL! I am happy with how it turned out.

  2. Ahhh, thank you (both of you). But I think it’s extremely hard to find errors in my own work. Now, I’m not sayin’ I don’t have errors. Just that I need a second set of eyes (Lavada) to find most of them. lol

    • I agree about not being able to see your own errors. You see what you expect to see. It’s the way we’re wired.

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