Posted by: Author | May 9, 2012

Wordless Wednesday


  1. I think I know where this is. It is good to live and work so close to the water. Great picture.

  2. One day…when I win the megamillions jackpot, I won’t own one of those because I’d much rather a fishing boat, but it’s still pretty 😉

    • It is pretty but I have a ski boat. Simple tastes, babe, all the way.

  3. After the whole “duck hiney” incident last week, I was a little nervous to see what you had in store for us this week. lol LOVE the boat. And the sky.

    • heheehe. That cracks me up, Laurie! This picture was made at a restaurant near my office. I was eating on the patio and couldn’t resist the loveliness of the shot.

  4. Lucky you. Up north we’re just happy to see green. You get to see blue.

    • Yep, Shay, we have blue all year here. Wish you could come see.

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