Posted by: Author | May 11, 2012

Friday Facts- May 11, 2012- Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio

This statue was built of sandstone and concrete between 1922 and 1931 in Rio de Janeiro. It is perched on a mountain overlooking the city in Brazil. It’s the largest art deco statue in the world and the fifth largest statue of Jesus in the world. It is 130 feet tall. I think it is breathtaking in photos and would love to see it one day in person.

I have a character in one of my stories who goes to Rio on a mission and she sees this statue while on a cab ride. I loved researching that area of the world.


  1. That is a gorgeous statue and, like you, I’d like to see it in person one day.

    • It’s a long flight, but I’d love to go. Hopefully, we can both do so someday.

      • Yep. It’s on my bucket list.

      • Mine too!

  2. Me too, me too. Would love to go to Rio.

    • Let’s plan a girls trek to S. America, Lavada!

      • Would love too but it would have to wait a bit. I can’t even go to the mountains for 3 months. Good thought though

      • Yeah, I have to wait too. Crazy world right now at my house. LOL!

  3. Hey, great post!, I usually don’t do this but I thought you could find this interesting: this is an amazing picture of the Corcovado before the Christ was constructed:

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