Posted by: Author | May 25, 2012

Friday Facts- May 25, 2012- Hippogriff

The mythological creature called a Hippogriff is the result when a griffin mates with a mare. They have the talons, feathery wings and eagle head of the griffin and the body of the horse. These cretures are rare since the horse was prey to the mythological griffin.

These creatures have played a role in many old or medieval poems and stories but the most commonly known one now would be the one in Harry Potter named Buckbeak.

There are statues of the hippogriff in Geneva, Switzerland and in Venice, Italy. I’m quite sure there are more as well in other locations.

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  1. I was just watching Harry with Buckbeak earlier this week. I would love to fly on a hippogriff. Now I’m seeing a ride at the Wonderful Wizarding World….hmmmmm

    • Ahhh. Didn’t even realize that was on this week. Cool how that segued.

  2. Very cool. I’ve seen pictures of this creature, but I’m not sure I ever knew it’s name. Hey, have a great Memorial Day weekend! I hope you get some extra time off from the day job to edit. (I was going to say write, but you’re holding off on new projects to catch up, RIGHT? 🙂

    • Thanks Laurie! You have a great one as well. Yeah, I’m planning to write- I have Monday off. I haven’t gotten in any of the edits yet so I’m working on my novel and a short story for maybe a fall free read. Slowly working, but still working. LOL!

      • Well, I hope you take some time to have fun this weekend!

      • Absolutely. I DO have plans to have fun!

      • And you, too, Laurie!

  3. You dig up some interesting ‘facts’. Our Memorial Day will be quiet. We aren’t much for camping but even when we did do more we tried to pick quieter weekends. Enjoy whatever you decide to do.

    • Thanks Lavada. Sometimes I just dig around in the old noodle and it’s already there. Have a wonderful time whatever you do as well. I may be committing homicide. Lol. My mother and spouse are driving me bananas about the kid’s graduation party coming soon.

      • 🙂 🙂 🙂 yep know the feeling

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