Posted by: Author | June 1, 2012

Friday Facts- June 1, 2012- Neil Diamond and The Monkees

Bet ya didn’t know that Neil Diamond wrote several songs that the Monkees made popular. They are I’m a Believer; Lookout, Here Comes Tomorrow; A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You; and Love to Love. A couple of them are not as popular as I’m a Believer and A Little Bit Me, but I really enjoyed all the songs they sang. I adored this show even though it was a bit silly. I’m a Peter Tork kind of girl. Who’s your favorite Monkee?


  1. Yes, in fact, I did know that.
    And I was a Davy girl, all the way. Ive loved me some hot Brit since my earliest days.

    • Davy was not hot! LOL! He was cute but not hot, babe!

  2. I climbed on the bandwagon. I was a Davy fan. And yes, he was cute, but not hot. 🙂 Now Neil Diamond…I could listen to him for hours. And the young Neil. HOT HOT HOT, in my opinion.

    • Yep. Neil was very handsome himself and a wonderful musician! My sister was a Day man, too. I liked them all but had a special place in my heart for Peter.

      • If I had to pick someone other than Davey, it would be Mick. There’s just something perenially corny about the man that I like. 🙂

      • LOL! Yep, he is that. I guess you know Mike’s mom invented white-out, right?

      • Seriously? I did not know that. That woman saved my bacon time and time again with that white-out! 🙂

      • LOL I know. It’s a super invention- and yep, she did. Maybe THAT should’ve been my Fri fact! LOL!

  3. mike nesmith has always been my fav (even w/o the white out connection

    • I love him, too, boonmcbwen!

  4. I’m a Davey person when it comes to the Monkeys. My sister loved Mickey. But more than that, I’m a HUGE Neil Diamond fan and didn’t know he wrote these songs. So thanks for the info.

    • I’m a Peter girl myself, Laurie. Lol. And I love that Neil wrote these.


  5. I could echo Laurie. Love Neil Diamond and The Monkeys. More even then the Beetles.

    • Love it, Lavada. And I absolutely adore the monkees. I even live on pleasant valley.


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