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Another Fun Guest- Mackenzie Crowne

JILLIAN: Welcome to my guest, MacKenzie Crowne. I met Mackenzie on Facebook and then on Still Moments Publishing’s author loop. One really awesome thing about Still Moments Publishing is the amazing women I’ve met there who I love and adore. There are about five of them that I consider real friends who I know I’ll continue to be friends with the rest of my life no matter where our journeys take us. There are also two ladies there who I know in person and encouraged to submit to them and I’ll always treasure those two women as well. Today’s guest is one of my new, dear friends, Mackenzie Crowne. She’s super fun and the fact that she based her story in New York, one of my favorite places, makes me really love her even more. I, mean, really, who doesn’t love a New York story? She’s here to talk about her new release with Still Moments. BUY LINK

Location. Location. Location!

Have you ever picked up a book because of the location of the story? Ever said, ‘Wow, the characters are in such in such. I have to read that!’? I have, and when sitting down to write my own stories, location is always an important consideration. The setting isn’t always pertinent to the story line of course, but an interesting location is like an extra character, giving the reader a peek into worlds they may never have the chance to visit. I mean, what is reading after all, than an escape with new friends? Throwing in a fascinating place on the map only adds to the fun.

So many places fascinate me, but where else would I set my latest release, THAT DATING THING, a sexy, contemporary romp in the midst of Wall Street greed, than in New York City?

Oh, yeah. New York City, the Big Apple, the city that never sleeps. Ever been there? I have, many times, and visiting that bustling metropolis never fails to flood my soul with endless possibilities. I’m a city girl at heart, having stretched my young adult legs on the cobbled streets of downtown Boston, but despite that experience, the endless diversity and physical magnitude of NYC is unmatched in my mind. I thrill to the sheer amount of people, each on his own path, bumping elbows with hundreds of strangers while going along their way.

The New York experience is staggering.

One of the largest cities in the world, New York is composed of five boroughs, and within those boroughs are countless neighborhoods, each with its own personality. So how was I to choose the exact spot my characters would call home? I haven’t visited all of the boroughs, let alone the thousands of neighborhoods they represent. Of those I have visited, I admit to finding some areas more charming than others, but alas, I’m partial to Queens. After all, my father’s people, a rough and rowdy crowd of Irish descendents call Queens home. I’ve visited there many times over the years and am lucky enough to spend a week or so with my clan at least once a year.

On one of those visits not long ago, I wandered into a part of town that particularly tickled my imagination. Long Island City is the westernmost neighborhood in Queens. Like all of New York, Long Island City is diverse, offering gleaming high-rises, cozy communities, art centers and industrial warehouses. It was one of these industrial neighborhoods that caught my interest. Okay, so it wasn’t so much the warehouses themselves, but the stunning view the warehouses enjoy.

A favorite aunt runs her business out one of these buildings and when she directed me to her back door, I stepped outside and could barely catch my breath. Tucked up against the East River, the aged brick and glass structure sits directly across the water from the Manhattan skyline. Talk about location! How was it this view had escaped the notice of developers? Why hadn’t there been a stampede of investors, refurbishing the sprawling brick and mortar warehouses lining that section of the river into thousands of rooms with a view? I quickly discovered others had been asking the same questions. Long Island City, it seems, is in the midst of a facelift. The warehouse district still remains, but little by little, the charming old structures are being transformed into homes.

Needless to say, my imagination was snagged. I’d found a home for THAT DATING THING, and like all good locations, Long Island City, with its stunning views and revitalization possibilities, quickly became a motivating element in my story. I considered the various possibilities. Revitalization being amongst them. Revitalization? That means construction. Hmmm…a sexy hunk in a tool belt. Oh, sorry, my mind wandered there for a second.

Though not by intention, Long Island City, its stunning views and fresh growth, became an important sub element in my story. I’m thrilled to share such an interesting place with readers and hope you enjoy getting to know this little slice of my favorite borough. Go Queens!

So, what about you? Have you ever picked up a book because of the location, or added a location to your bucket list because of a book?


The daughter of Wall Street’s most notorious stock swindler, dog trainer, Rylee Pierce has perfected the art of flying beneath society’s radar. Prosecutor, Cooper Reed is a threat to her carefully hidden truths, but how is a woman supposed to resist a man capable of handling a psychotic great dane while charming her out of her panties before she has the chance to blink?


“So, this is The Canine Academy?” He eyed the cages. “Where are your other students?” A soft release of pent up breath reached his ears and he smiled. Yes, off balance was just how he wanted her.
“Gone for the day.”
“Why is Pippin still here?”
“Pippin required a more intense program. He’s our only boarder at the moment.”
“Have dinner with me,” he said, without turning around. She didn’t answer and he waited several beats before glancing over his shoulder. Her eyes shuttered, she fell back on sarcasm.
“We just finished dinner. What do you have, a tapeworm?”
He faced her. “I’d like to take you to dinner, Rylee.”
Her hand went to Belle’s head beside her and she jutted her chin up a notch. “That wouldn’t be a good idea, Coop.”
“Why? I’m attracted to you, and a man can tell when the attraction is mutual.”
She said nothing, returning his gaze while she scratched the fur between Belle’s ears.
“It’s just a meal.” He crossed his arms. “I’m not suggesting we jet off to Vegas.”
She snorted softly. “That’s a relief. Casinos give me a headache.”
The dry sarcasm made him smile. She hadn’t said no.
“Look, you’re a great-looking guy.”
He flashed a grin, pleased when her lips twitched in response.
“And I admit you have a certain amount of charm.”
“But, your father is married to my aunt.”
“Your mother’s cousin,” he corrected. He dropped his arms to his sides and stepped toward her. “And Dad and Silvia can get their own dinner.”
Her lips formed a genuine smile, but she shook her head. “People rarely come out of this kind of thing on friendly terms.”
“This kind of thing?” He continued to advance.
“We’re connected through Sil and Elliott. I don’t want to see them caught in the middle when this…dating thing, or whatever it is you’re after, ends.”
“This dating thing?”
“Or whatever it is you’re after,” she repeated. As he closed the distance, she stepped back and bumped up against the shark cage. She slapped her spread fingers against his chest to prevent him from coming any closer. “I’m not in the market for a relationship right now.”
“Then we don’t have a problem, because neither am I.” He brushed a fingertip over the perfect skin of her cheekbone. “So, here’s what I suggest.”
Her eyelids fluttered, pupils dilating, and reluctant temptation replaced the wariness in her dark orbs. Still, she kept a defensive hand on his chest.
“If you insist on negotiating when I’ve already explained my concerns,” she said, holding his gaze, “I’d rather you didn’t touch me.”
He checked the urge to kiss her at the artless admission of finding his touch disturbing. Instead, he moved his hand to the cage beside her head. He wrapped his fingers around the metal bar and dipped his head, bringing his face closer to hers. She blinked but held her ground, boldly meeting his gaze.
“I propose we get to know one another,” he pressed. “A few dinners. Maybe a show, or a ball game or two if you like. We find out what makes each other tick.”
“Hmmm.” Her mouth moved into a smirk. “Five seconds ago you were talking a meal. Now it’s a few dinners and a ball game or two. At this rate we’ll be jetting off to Vegas by the end of the week.”
She didn’t try to stop him when he took the final step that brought their bodies within inches of each other. “Has anyone ever accused you of being a wiseass?”
Head cocked as though considering the question, her mouth quivered on a smile.
“How about a liar?”
She lost the battle with the smile and her low laugh sent a lash of desire whipping across his midsection. He did what he’d wanted to do since arriving at his father’s condo days ago. Leaning in, he took…

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  1. Thanks for being my guest today, Mac. Lots of good wishes sent your way for this fab story!

  2. Thanks so much for having me, Jill. I’m thrilled to say I just received my copy of That Dating Thing, and if all goes well, it will be available tomorrow morning!

    • Woo-hoo! Awesome. I’ll post the link tomorrow as soon as I get it.

      • LOL I just discovered it’s been released. Don’t you love when that happens?

      • I saw it too and added the buy link! Happy Release DAY!!

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  4. This story looks like great fun. I will definitely be checking it out. Glad you were here to visit Mac.

  5. Thanks, Darlene. This story was definitely a blast to write. I fell in love with the characters early on in the process and can see myself hanging out with them. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Location definitely plays to my interest. I’ve picked up and read some great stories because of where they were set, like in India and Africa. Your story sounds perfectly placed in New York. Congratulations and best of luck!

    • Location to me can even be a character in and of itself. Love locations.

  7. Thanks, Laurie. Though I didn’t plan it on the way in, the location definitely became an important character in this one. Thanks for stopping by.

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