Posted by: Author | June 11, 2012


This story is one that I really, really wanted to have a good home and a wonderful cover. Why? Because it is the only story I’ve written with a lawyer as the protagonist. I said I’d never do that since we lawyers are a boring bunch as a whole, but one of my RWA chapter members suggested I write a story about a lawyer who has issues with her associates falling in love with clients and leaving the firm. So, I started what I thought would be a pretty mild and safe story. THEN, the heroine surprised the heck out of me and off we went on an adventure across the globe. She took me and the hero on a chase from New York, to Rio, to London, then Germany and Switzerland and finally back to New York. I think the element of the chase is vitally important to the story. The wonderful Fiona Jayde at Ellora’s Cave designed this cover and she caught the spirit of the tale just right. I adore the map superimposed on the hero and heroine.


  1. It is gorgeous! Can’t go wrong with a necktie!!!:) Congratulations! Great way to start the week. Hope it all goes this well. Take care!

    • Thanks Kate. I love it. Was very happy when I opened my inbox and saw it. The cover artist is super.

  2. Awesome!!!!! 🙂 How exciting.

  3. Wow! It is nice. You’ve been very lucky with your covers. Can’t wait to read this one!

    • Thanks Linda. I love it. And I can’t wait for you to read it. It’s a fun one.

  4. Gorgeous!

  5. I think the cover is FANTASTIC.

  6. Oh, yeah. A necktie on a naked torso? Totally works for me. That’s an excellent cover, Jillian! Congrats!

    • Works for me, too, Laurie. Lol. Thanks- I think it’s pretty excellent, too.

  7. I do love that cover!

  8. That cover is HOT! Congratulations!

  9. Love it, Jillian!!

  10. I haven’t been responding much but I see the posts via email. I like the colors this cover should really stand out.

    • Thanks Lavada. And I know you’re very involved right now in other things but you know I appreciate you and I also have you on my mind and in my prayers. Love you.

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