Posted by: Author | June 15, 2012

Friday Facts-June 15, 2012-Gazing Balls

Gazing balls for the garden were first created in Venice in the 1200s from blown glass and are still made from blown glass. Mad King Ludwig used them in his gardens in Bavaria and they became even more popular in the Victorian age. They were sometimes used as mirror to see if company was coing so the owner could either hide or get refreshments ready for their visitors. They were also used inside for the butler and maids to peer into in oirder to see if guests needed service.

These balls were also sometimes called Witches balls and used to keep away witches and evil spirits. I have one in my yard and it doesn’t keep me out! LOL!


  1. I am just starting a business dealing with gazing globes and I love to know all the history behind these works of art. It’s nice that it is just not a new fad but goes back years and years. It can be a nice focal point in your garden and also a wonderful discussion starter.

    • It’s a fascinating history. Good luck with your new endeavor.

  2. I keep looking at these. I’d like to put one on my yard. One of these days…

    • I love mine. I’m on the second one since a hurrican wiped out my first one. I meant to ake a picutre of mine, but didn’t get to it.

  3. ummm maybe one would look good in with all the rhodies here.

  4. I had one in my yard several years ago and my neighbor asked if it was some kind of fancy bug zapper.

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