Posted by: Author | June 22, 2012

Friday Fact- June 22, 2012- Orrery

I bet you all know what an orrery is. I bet you all used them in elementary school in science class even if you didn’t know what the heck-fire it was called. What is it? It’s the mechanical model of the solar system (some are just of the sun, moon and Earth). Most I’ve seen are of the entire solar system (poor Pluto- has it been whacked off the older ones?). Anyhoo, it’s used to show how the planets move and how they are positioned in relation to the sun. Y’all remember these?


  1. Absoutely remember these. Ahhh…the good old days.

  2. Remember them – Yeah. Knew what they were called – No

    And, now I do if I can remember.

  3. This is my first exposure to one. Looks cool. I’m sorry I missed out!

    • Wow. Y’all didn’t have those in school in Ohio? I loved tinkering with them.

  4. Nope. Never seen one of these. we did have a solar system model hanging from the ceiling, though. 🙂 I see I’m not alone in this having never seen an orrery.

    • That’s interesting that some areas have them in school and some don’t. I had them in both Va and Fla.

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