Posted by: Author | June 28, 2012

Watch That First Step- Or That Famous Saying “Feet First, First Time”

This is what I came home yesterday. My son said, “Mom, the pool is broke.” We had a small leak and about three weeks ago, a diver came and dove the pool to see if it could be fixed. We finally decided to just get a new liner since the last one was put in when we had the pool dug in 2000. So, by the time I get home today, the new liner should be in and the filling of the sucker started. It takes two whole days to get it full and the noise of the water running will keep me awake most of the night because it’s surprisingly loud.


  1. Been there before myself. Good luck!:)

    • Thanks Kate! AND Mega congrats on finishing and hitting “send”

  2. Not many of us have pools in the Pacific NW. Heck I haven’t even turned on the A/C yet. In fact had the furnace going a few days ago.

    It will be sooooo nice when it’s done.

    • Yikes! No a/c need yet? Geez, it’s been 100 heat index here for a while.

      Yeah- it’s nice to have it. Nothing like a cool dip.

  3. Another PNW’er here. We just installed AC 2 years ago, after our first 100 degree day in years and years. So no pool in our backyard either. since this was posted yesterday, I hope you got some sleep last night. Or is the water running tonight?

    • Ahh, to be in a place where a/c is unnecessary. I DID sleep. Probably because of the antihistamine I had to take. They kick my rear.

      • Me, I’m on inhalers and cough syrup due to a nasty little cough that’s sticking around (NOT whooping cough, although there’s an epidemic hereabouts). So I am currently sleeping like a log. Oh, Lord, did I just jinx myself?

      • I hope you didn’t jinx yourself. Sorry about the cough. Hope it goes away soon.

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