Posted by: Author | July 2, 2012

Awesome Weekend In More Ways Than One

I have been struggling with my latest story. I think I have a great premise and all that jazz, but it wasn’t jelling in the actual writing. On Thursday night, I hit the 11,000 mark after a lot of struggle and at the rate of less than 1,000 words a day. I decided on Friday, when I was able to get to a mite over 13,000, that my goal for Saturday was to get 3000 more words down. I got close to 4000 and so then it was on! I decided I wouldn’t go to bed on Sunday until I hit the 20,000 mark. AND I did it! Plus some. AND shockingly, the story is now flowing better than it has at all. I know there will be clean up for the early words, but at least I have forward momentum.

The other good thing that happened is that I had a conversation with my mother! One that was more than a few words. She made complete sentences and only messed up a word or two here and there. She also asked about a friend with cancer – she couldn’t remember his name but she was almost like herself in asking about others which she was always good about. So, progress with the speech therapy is being made even though she hates it.

I also went to the movies with two friends. Now, mind you, the movie was not all that great and I kept wondering when it would be over, but I had a nice time with my friends.



  1. You were due for good day or days. I’m so happy your mother is improving. A good way to start the week so have at having a great one.

    • Thanks Lavada. I’m super glad she’s doing so well. She hates the therapy but it seems to be helping her.

  2. So glad the story got roling. I am stuck with my new one, but have promised myself to write something, even if I have to revise/edit out later. So glad to hear your mother is making progress. And I plan to see same movie, and I don’t care if it makes sense or not. Just planning on enjoying the scenery!:)

    • Lol about the movie Kate. I can promise you, the scenery is good but even that gets tedious. Sad.

      Writing through the hard parts isn’t easy. It we must soldier on, right? Good luck with yours.

      Thanks re: my mom. It is good news.

  3. It sounds like good news on several fronts. I’m so happy for you, Jillian! And the photo wasn’t bad either.

    • Thanks Shay. Sorry I’ve not been around much on email. Lots going on.

  4. Way late responding, but WOOHOO on that word count! And I’m glad it freed the writer demons and let you focus on the story. 🙂

    • Thanks, Laurie! It did free the demons. I’m over 22,000 now and had more to do last night but too tired.

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