Posted by: Author | July 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday


  1. After the whole duck’s arse fiasco (where I couldn’t figure out what it was), I’m afraid to guess. I love the pic. At first I thought it was a cake, then a photo album. It says love and romance–big time. Could this be your parents kissing in the picture? or a scene from a movie?

    • You cracked me up, Laurie. It’s actually a picture frame I made with paper flowers and beads. It’s a picture of my son and fiance in sepia tone. It has flower petals in the part where the matte goes and lace, flowers and beads in the sides.

      • Ahhh. The sepia tone and pose made it look more aged. Well done on the crafting. It looks cool.

      • I thought the sepia was what threw you off. Thanks re: crafting. It was fun.

  2. I’m a coward. I spent some time trying to figure out how to comment. At that point I would have been first. But I chickened out so thanks Laurie. Because like you I thought cake. Then naawww. Then picture album again nawww. I’m sure if we could see it live we’d know right away.

    Lots of work Jillian, you are one amazing lady.

    • Lol Lavada. It was hard to get a shot of what it really looks like. It’s a shadow box type frame. It would be a yummy cake though if it wasn’t made of paper flowers. Lol

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