Posted by: Author | July 28, 2012

Sorry I Missed Friday Facts This Week

Am in the throes go edits on Hot Pursuit, soon to be released by Ellora’s Cave in their Blush line. I also had a crazy week at the day job- lots of court, depositions, and client meetings. I also got in the edits on a legal thing I’m working on for a publication. The week got away from me.
But here’s a gander again at the cover for this book that my editor is making shine. She did tell me I have to change the ends even though the ending as it stands is quite clever. So, that’s the kicker. How can I be even more clever? Hmmm. Must mull that in my spare time.


  1. I love this cover. It’s going to stand out in a crowd. Congrats on the upcoming release. And, missing a few blogs is okay. You must hold a record on them as it is.

    • Thanks Lavada. I adore the cover. It’s so perfect for the story, too. AND thanks for letting me have a pass on the blog post. You know I’m my own worst enemy on those compulsions. LOL

  2. That is one hot cover, Jillian. Can hardly wait for it’s release. I’m certain anything you come up with will be clever. If you need a brainstorming partner, give me a holler.

    • Thanks. I’m not sure I can be as clever as I was first. Lol. I’ve gotta run out for a bit but I very may well take you up on the offer.

      I do agree that the cover is awesome.

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