Posted by: Author | July 31, 2012

Happy 50th Anniversary to The Four Seasons!

The band has actually been around for longer than 50 years but their first song that made the charts and made #1 single was released in 1962 and it was called “Sherry”- Their first album was also released in 1962 and it featured the same song among others. The rest, as they say, is history.

If you ever get to see a production of Jersey Boys, you should definitely go. Since the only original member who currently tours is Frankie Valli, the Broadway show is the next best thing to seeing him.


  1. Sherry, baby! 🙂 I love that song. I’ll have to tell my husband it’s the 50th anniversary of the song. On second thought, it will probably make him feel old. This is his era. 🙂

    • heheeh. I love the song too even though I got/get it sung to me too many times to mention. Even to now!

  2. I love these ‘old’ songs. And, these guys were terrific. Yep I can relate to Laurie, I can relate to Mark. Sure make the years stick out.

    • Love and adore the 60s songs. I have Sirius radio so I can wallow in the songs!!

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