Posted by: Author | August 13, 2012

DONE!! Well, Sorta.

I had one goal this past weekend. I wanted to finish the first draft of my WIP entitled Moon Dance. I did it!! Saturday night. But then I got up on Sunday morning and added 542 more words to the denouement scene to make it more complete. Now the real work begins- to edit it so that the ending makes sense with the rest of the story. I’m hoping that what has happened in the past happens this time. That even though I only recently consciously became aware of who the real villain is, that my sunconscious knew and did some foreshadowing for me. LOL!

I actually have been surprised in the past how that has happened. I’m not really holding out much hope for that this time around since this story led me on a merry chase for quite a while!

Anyway, here’s hoping. AND happy Monday!


  1. This is where it all turns into ‘work’.

    • You’re right, Lavada. I’, happy to say, though, that I did a mad dash through it this morning to get ready to do a synopsis and so far, it does look like my subconscious knew where I was going. I had more foreshadowing than I thought! YAY

  2. Yep, the real work’s ahead of you. Still, there’s something immensely satisfying about finishing that first draft. Congratulations!

    • Amen. Love the first draft. Revising, not so much. Lol

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