Posted by: Author | August 31, 2012

Friday Facts- August 31, 2012- Blue Moon

No, the moon won’t really be colored blue tonight- although it can be on occasion due to weather conditions- but wouldn’t that be fun? The phrase “once in a blue moon” comes from the traditional moon lore of the occurrence of two full moons in one month. This year we’re the recipients of such a gift. There was a full moon at the beginning of this month and another tonight. It’s rare (occurring approximately every 32 months), thus the phrase above. LOL! Enjoy! And happy long weekend to boot.


  1. And isn’t it appropriate that we have a blue moon on the day Neil Armstrong is laid to rest?

    • Just saw Arabella’s comment. It feels very appropriate. RIP Neil Armstrong. You gave us wings.

      • Yes very appropriate. He was hero material all the way through.

      • Amen Laurie, Lavada and Arabella. He was indeed a hero and he’s, it was appropriate. Almost like the moon knew.

  2. Thank you for the reminder. I’m a moon child, so I hightailed it outside to howl at the moon. 🙂 Well, maybe not howl, but I did growl a little. lol

    • Lol, Laurie. I have a person in my office who’s very lunarly affected. I was teasing her all day yesterday about being ready to climb the walls, scratch them or howl at the moon. I’m wondering if she ran naked thorough the streets last night since it was 99% full.

  3. Thanks for the facts Jillian. Some things seem to go over the top of my head so I appreciate the heads up.

    • Any time, Lavada. Sometimes they do me, too.

  4. I stayed in side fully clothed last night. Thank you very much LOL. I am hoping for a better day today. Not making any promises though.

    • Forewarned is forearmed, darlene. Lol. And I’m not talking about men’s forearms.

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