Posted by: Author | September 4, 2012

ANNDDD, Now, the Fabulous Lavada Dee…

Jillian thanks for having me back on your blog to talk about my latest story, Choose To Love. I’m really happy with this second book in the Blackhawk Brothers series. Like the first one it hit the publisher, BookStrands, top ten list almost right away and is holding a spot.
Now to answer your excellent set of questions;

What’s the name of your new story and tell us a bit about the heroine.
Choose To Love’s heroine, Baylee Gallagher, is a successful attorney in San Francisco. She has met her career goals and now she’s ready to start a family. However a family to her means a baby, period, no husband. She considers a sperm bank until she see’s Doctor Grant Blackhawk. He’s perfect, and in her direct way she decides to just ask him to father her baby. With no prior warning she arranges to meet him.

2. I’ve read the first one and loved it, especially the hero. What are three things about this hero that we won’t read in the book that were part of your picture of him in your head as you wrote?

Wow, this is a hard question because I really hope I got what was in my head into the story. Three things I hope readers see are:
1. His strength of character. He’s strong willed but fair and when he’s wrong he admits it.

2. I hope readers see his gentle caring side. In the first book he’s there for his brother and while this story is a stand alone you see a lot of who he is in the first story.

3. I’m not sure the physical description does him justice and neither does the cover model. He has a dark brooding presence that lends itself to the surreal element he’s kept leased.

3 This new release is a part of a series. Tell us what you have in mind for the other stories and how many are left to write.

When I started the series I intended it to be a straight contemporary but Grant’s story needed more thave a mortal character and has light paranormal elements in it.

The four Blackhawk brothers each have their own story. They all start out as happy bachelors but the strong women that enter their lives change their minds.

Book #1 Nothing To Lose – Is Cooper’s story. He runs a successful construction company and has had affinity for hurt and lost animals since childhood.

Book #2 Choose To Love – Grant’s story. He’s a surgeon. The brother’s are Native American/Irish and Grant is one of the two brothers that inherit the ancient wolf totem of his ancestors.

I still have two stories to go but I’m not sure which one I’ll do next. Right now I’m leaning toward Devon’s story, which will be a straight contemporary. Devon is the brains of the family and is also movie star handsome. The fourth brother is Tyrell who is the warrior in the family and unlike Grant has embraced his inter totem since puberty.

4. The setting is important in this series. What are some geographic features that play a role?

The Blackhawk family owns hundreds of acres of land in Western Montana. Their homes are built around a semi private lake. The land is close to the wilderness area at the base of the mountains.

5. What kind of coffee do your characters drink?

Great question because this is one thing I did have in my head and doesn’t shows up in detail in the story. The brothers are rugged men. All but Devon drink strong black brewed coffee. Ummm I’m going to have to put a little mocha and latte in Devon’s story.

6. What else do you want us to know about this story that I haven’t asked?

Actually you’ve done a great job with the questions. Maybe the level of sensuality, Coopers story is spicy but Grant’s story is ramped up a notch and is one of the reasons I put in the shift changer element. When I start a story I do just that, start it. Then the characters take over and determine much of where the story goes. From the first scene in the meadow I realized Grant was more than mortal.


  1. Just got up. A little late this morning and it’s going to be a full day. Thanks again for having me on your blog.

    • Happy to have you with me. Love you lots!

  2. All sound hot enough to get the blood pumping!!! Adding to my list…

    • Cool! Lavada is awesome.

    • It’s pretty spicy, hope you like it as much I did writing it Sandy.

  3. Hi, Lavada! . Having read this story, Grant is one of my favorite heroes. Gentle as a rule, but not one to tamp down his hackles easily when he’s riled. It’s the perfect combination!

    • Oooh, I’m intrigued by your comment, laurie. This is in my TBR already.

    • Laurie, you helped me ramp it up. I couldn’t ask for a better writing partner.

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