Posted by: Author | September 28, 2012

Friday Facts- September 28, 2012- Fair Debt Collections Practices Act

Thought I’d share my misery today. I’m at a legal seminar and we are listening to a very dull speaker talking about the FDCPA. Yep, the super sexy Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. It’s the law that prohibits bad acts in trying to settle debts or collecting money owed. Some creditors get overzealous in their work. They threaten jail, taking pets, suing parents, etc.

This is really a necessary law but it’s quite boring. It’s like 20 below zero in this room, too. I can’t even think since my feet have turned to blocks of ice and I can’t feel my fingertips. Brrr. I believe it may snow here in Florida soon.

Here was the view from my room this morning.



  1. Hmmm. So a boring seminar, but a great view before and after? Not the best tradeoff, but at least the view makes it a little worth it? And it’s FRIDAY. Hopefully, you don’t have to do legal stuff all weekend and can play/relax/write?

    • Yeah. We had fun last night but the legal stuff is dull, dull. I’m going to have fun this weekend. Don’t have plans but plan to enjoy. Sadly, I have to drive home on the beach road at 5:00. Lots of traffic. Ugh.

      • I hope you have a good audio book or some great music to get you through the drive. Wasn’t this the road you talked about once where you had to drive it at night and it gets a little creepy? Or was that someone else I’m thinking of?

      • This is not the creepy nighttime road. That WAS me. This road is all beach and lots of traffic. No one moves fast and lots of red lights. I hit them all. It’ll take me 1:40 to go 55 miles. Insane.

      • Ugh! Well, keep your eye on the prize–home! And the road, of course.

      • Made it home safely. Thanks for the good wishes olympisRWA.

      • OlympiaRWA, I mean.

      • Crud. Was working on some website options for the chapter. lol

      • Lol. I knew it was you. Love it.

  2. When I worked a lot of meetings, seminars etc were held in Seattle which is approx 60 miles North of me. From 4:00 to 5:30 the interstate would turn into a parking lot. And, I’ve been where your were at today in the seminar. Now that’s a part of working I don’t miss.

    Glad your home with the weekend to look forward too.

    Sending a hug.

    • I can’t believe this. I just got Laurie’s reply and realized I was logged into the chapter too. Well I’m out now. Darn, sorry about that.

      • Y’all are cracking me up today. Lol.

    • Thanks for the hug and the giggle. I love the people I see at these events but I had the droning on of the speakers. Driving isn’t by fav thing either. And it was sooooooooo cold in the room, it took me an hour to thaw.

  3. Thanks for the great picture;I miss the sea.
    I am currently being harassed by creditors looking for an ex-daughter-law.I know they have just pulled our name from the phone book, as the family name is unusual and my husband and I are the only ones with a listed,(land line), number.They keep telling me that they will remove my name, and number, but they don’t.

    • Next time they call, mention that they are violating the FDCPA and tell them you’ve talked to a lawyer. That should work. They are liable for damages and attorney fess for violations.

      • Thanks.I have made it clear that she has not lived here for at least 8 years and I am not contacting her for them or anyone.

      • Usually citing the law works. At least that’s what clients tell me.

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