Posted by: Author | October 5, 2012

Friday Facts- October 5, 2012- Group Captain

In my story, The Gambler’s Brother, the hero is a Group Captain in the Royal Air Force. I thought I’d share today what the rank equates to in the United States’ armed forces in case you were curious. A Group Captain is on a par with a Colonel in the U.S. Army, Air Force and Marine Corps. He’s the equivalent of a Captain in the U.S. Navy and the Coast Guard.

Here’s an excerpt from the story- where the hero and heroine meet:

“Never mind, Nate, never mind.” Bo opened the side door and slipped out of the little area that served as the purser’s office. He hobbled around to the window and leaned in. “Maybe sometime, we’ll drink a lager and I’ll tell you how I screwed up and cost some good men their lives and messed up my leg in the process.” Maybe that would stop the man asking more questions.
Nate’s jaw dropped. Bo reached over and shut it gently for him and turned to walk away. He took several steps toward the elevator to go up to the bridge. Two women stopped his progress.
The one with curly hair put her hand on his arm. “I’m Filomena Andrews and this is Zoe Crawford. We need to talk to someone in charge.”
“That’s not me.” He jerked his head back toward the purser’s window. “Check with Nate over there if you have problems with your quarters. I have to get to the bridge.”
“It’s not problems with our quarters and if you’re going to the bridge, you must be someone important since they run the ship from there, right?” Mena asked.
Bo nodded once. “They do run the ship from there, but I’m just an errand boy.” He waved the papers in his hand. “I have to go. Sorry, ladies.”
“I wonder that they’d choose someone like you as an errand boy–” Zoe said as he stepped away.
“What? A gimp? How rude of you to point that out, madam,” Bo snapped at her.
Zoe looked him up and down. She sneered. “What I was referring to, sir, was your obvious rank. I can see it by the stripes on your sleeve. You’re a group captain in the Royal Air Force, correct? It seems to me that you’re the sensitive one. I feel sorry for you going through life expecting the worst of people. What a sad existence.”
Bo stared at her. “I don’t have a sad existence. I don’t think the worst of everyone. I–”
Zoe cut him off. “You’ve made it clear how you feel about people, Group Captain.”


  1. Very cool. Love the excerpt. It’s out, right? I think I forgot to pick it up. Can you give me the link again? Thanks!

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