Posted by: Author | October 12, 2012

Friday Facts- October 12, 2012- Clan MacDonald

I’m on my way to Edinburgh, Scotland today. I have Scottish ancestry and hail from the clan MacDonald. The clan is from the western isles. It started in the late 1100s from a gentleman named Dougall who founded the clan McDougall. He had a son called Ranald who had a son named Donald. Donald founded the MacDonald clan in the 1200s. The family motto is Per mare, per terras (it means by sea and by land). Their badge is the heather. The Gaelic word for the clan is MacDhomhnuill, which means world ruler. They also have their own tartans.

I have a scarf made from the ancient tartan and I hope to acquire another from the modern version while I’m in the old homeland as I plan to visit a woolen mill and see how these things are woven. Here’s the scarf I have. I know it needs to be ironed. Ignore that. LOL.


  1. I’m so envious, Jillian. Scotland is my dream place to visit and also the home of some of my predecessors. I know you’ll come home with scads of wonderful pictures and memories. Enjoy!

    • Thanks Flossie. I appreciate the good wishes. If I see any of your clansmen, I’ll say hello.

  2. Have fun! I have a friend who writes Scottish romances centered around Clan MacDonald from the Isle of Skye. Your clan? Hers are set in the 1500’s.

    • There are a couple of different places the clan MacDonald held property. I believe mine are from Glencoe. I’ll have to check it out when I get home.

  3. Traveling and you still have time to keep up your blogs. I’m impressed. Have fun, you’re going to a part of the world I’d love to go to.

    • Ahh Lavada. Don’t be too impressed. I spent a half day before I left getting blogs set to go off while I’m gone.

      As to wanting to be here. Wow. Of you get a chance, come. It’s magnificent. The view out my hotel room is even marvelous. I could see in the first 10 minutes how JK Rowling was so inspired. It’s an amazing place.

  4. Take photos of men in kilts!!

    • Lol Shay. I’ve seen three and none worth it as yet.

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