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Special Guest- Shay Lacy

My dear friend, Shay Lacy is here today to share her latest release with us. The book was released today and I’m late posting this but I’ll keep it up a couple of days so it can be seen. Shay is a superstar friend and I know you’re going to love her as much as I do.

When Nature Inspires a Novel

With today’s release of my novel Hero Needed from Crimson Romance, I’m talking about everything in the book, which is set in Watkins Glen, New York. I first saw the Watkins Glen gorge (known as The Gorge) in Watkins Glen State Park seven years ago. I was struck mute by the visual power of its stark beauty. I had seen the Grand Canyon eight years before that and had been awed by its scope and grandeur. But it paled in comparison once I saw The Gorge. I visited Watkins Glen again a few years later, and at second glance it lost none of its impact.
Two large photos of The Gorge hang in my office.

Photos courtesy of Michael Shake. All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2005

They inspire me. They humble me. They feed my soul. And they make me yearn to return to Watkins Glen once more. We are planning a return trip for 2013. (I would love to go this year and shout the triumph of Hero Needed in The Gorge.)
The Watkins Glen gorge is a testament to the beauty, power, flexibility and diversity of water, much of which is nearly close enough to touch. Nineteen waterfalls, naturally carved pools, stone bridges and stone stairways transect the 1.5 mile gorge. Around each bend awaits stunning surprises. I felt like God did some exterior decorating when He made The Gorge. Is it any wonder it had a scene in Hero Needed?
What inspires you?

Book blurb:

Some heroes are born and some are forged by events.
Marisa’s best friend Carolyn was killed by a train, but then Carolyn’s husband claims she committed suicide. Proving he’s wrong will be a heroic feat. EMT Nick Stark seems a natural for the job.
Yet the truths Marisa and Nick uncover spark unexpected danger. Does the secret of Marisa’s parentage tie in with Carolyn’s death? And is Marisa prepared to face the truth in order to identify whoever now wants her dead?

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Multi-published author Shay Lacy lives in northwest Ohio with her photographer/graphic designer husband. She loves following the man of her dreams with a camera in hand and a pen and notebook in her backpack. Sensible secretary by day, romance author by night, when not lost in her imagination, or reading a good book, she is likely researching her next book with a SWAT team ride-along or a visit to a DNA lab.


  1. Such beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing the backdrop for you novel. I can’t wait to read it now that I have these pictures in my head.

    • Hey Connie. Thanks for popping in.

    • Benefits of a photographer husband. But I get to see those places first-hand! Thanks, Connie.

  2. Hi, Shay! (and Jillian). Shay, I feel like I know you, since we’re comment-buddies, hitting Jillian’s MANY blogs. lol Anyhow, I love that gorge. It’s the other side of the country from me, but I have to add it to my bucket list. I also wanted to comment on how stellar a job you did on your bluirb. I am immediately curious about why the husband wants his wife’s death classified as a suicide. VERY curious. So well done! And best of luck with the new release.

    • Isn’t that blurb da bomb? Love it. And the photos are superb.

      • Thanks. That blurb has been refined many times. I highly recommend The Gorge. I think it should be the 8th wonder of the world, it’s that awesome!

  3. so excited that today is finally here, my copy has already downloaded and I can’t wait to get home and start reading,

  4. Thanks for the support, Barb! Did you see Jillian’s new release?

  5. Jillian, thanks so much for having me here! Those photos look fantastic in the post, and right at home where you display so many wonderful places.

  6. Shay, sounds like a great book. Good luck with it. Hi, Sherry!

    • Hi Fran. Thanks for popping in. Love you.

  7. Thanks, Fran. It’s been a dizzying day.

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