Posted by: Author | October 31, 2012

Wordless Wednesday


  1. Really? Wow. I wonder if they knew what they were posting when they put these signs up. No way would I live on that street. lol

    • heheheh- nope, I don’t think they knew. The even funnier part is that it has zero street lights and at night it’s super spooky down there.

      • Nope. Not going there anytime soon, then. Have I mentioned Halloween spooks me? 🙂

      • LOL! Yep, you’ve mentioned that on occasion. HEHEHE Looking foward to All Saint’s Day, huh?

  2. Yikes. Is this near you?

    • Yes, Lavada it is. It’s less than two miles from me. My son told me one day that he hated coming home from his friend’s house late at night because Gallow’s Road was so dark and this one house has a green light over the garage that looks like a UFO on foggy nights and it creeps him out. I asked him where the heck Gallows Road was and he took me over there. I cracked up when I saw the dead end posted there and had to hop out and get a picture. LOL!

  3. There’s a novel in that answer, Jillian.

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