Posted by: Author | November 16, 2012

Friday Fact- November 16, 2012- The Head of Leda- Leonardo DaVinci

Leda was the mother of two sets of twins in Greek Mythology. She was raped by the god Zeus disguised as a swan. She bore two children from that encounter who were fathered by Zeus but she also had relations with her husband the same night and got pregnant by him as well and had two more children with her husband being the father. Wild tale, yeah?

Anyway, Leonardo DaVinci planned to paint Leda and the swan and made some drawings of her head in preparation for this endeavor. See here for his drawings.

This week’s fact is courtesy of #2 son who showed me a drawing he made this week of Leda’s head. He didn’t trace it. He drew it free hand. And all along, I thought my other son was the artist. LOL! Here’s my son’s drawing:


  1. Wow. Well done, #2 son. You clearly have an artistic family.

    • For sure. We all have different talents but it’s all good, right? He did an amazing job.

      • He REALLY did. I’m jealous. Anything freehand is way out of my ability pool.

      • oh yeah, me, too. Stick figures is the extent for me.

      • Pfft. Stick figures, huh? I love it. (and me, too.)

      • I’m telling ya the truth. I can lay a ruler on a table and try to run a pencil up the side and get a straight line and nope. it’s crooked. Pinkie swear.

        Now, my grandmother was an oil painter and my dad is an oil painter as well, My sister is an art teacher and my husband can draw so it’s innate in the family but skipped me.

  2. Well this talent may have skipped you but you have way more than the average person. And, looking at all you do maybe a good thing because I’m not sure how you could possible crowd more in a day.

    Yep I’d be proud of the guy too. 🙂

    • You’re right Lavada. God knew what he was doing when he said no drawing skills for me. It would probably send me off a cliff.

      Yep. Very proud of him.

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