Posted by: Author | November 28, 2012

Wordless Wednesday


  1. I think this is somewhere I want to visit someday other than in my head. Lovely. Makes me smile. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very cool. It makes me wonder, though. Are you allowed to go and explore these castles, or are they more of a “look, don’t touch” thing. They are SO old.

    • Some you can’t go in and some you can. This one you can. It’s at Loch Ness. It’s basically a ruin. No roof, etc.

  3. I recently saw a movie on the Loch Ness monster and when I saw this picture I thought it looked like the scene’s in it. Feeling pretty proud of myself when I saw the comment.

    I love castles, and ruins. I think that out of all the Wordless Wednesday this is my very favorite. I would love to visit it.

    • woo-hoo- good call, my friend! Did you see The Water Horse? I love that little movie.

      • No this was just one of those B sort of movies but pretty good. I’ll have to look for more. Love Nessy stories.

      • me, too and I was desperately seeking her in there! LOL!

    • oh, and there’s a Ted Danson one, too.

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