Posted by: Author | December 5, 2012

Wordless Wednesday



  1. Ah, gees. Here we go again. At least this time, I can tell it’s some sort of bird. lol.

    • Hehehehe. You crack me up, Laurie. Yep. Tis a bird in the queen’s garden at Holyrood palace. A magpie. Supposed to be good luck per one of my pals over at the BackYard Fence blog.

      • I remember that. Yes, they are supposed to be lucky. I appreciate the picture even more now, as we don’t have any magpies locally.

      • Awesome. Glad you remembered. I was afraid I’d lost it. Lol

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      • We don’t have local either.

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  2. Great picture were you able to get really close or is this zoom?

  3. Pretty! But I have a bit of a phoebe with birds if they get too close. I’m fine until they get feathers. Some exceptions like the hummingbird and little birds. I remember Hitchcocks The Birds, scariest movie I’ve ever seen.

    So seeing the picture with it out in the lawn is so perfect for me.

    • LOL! The Birds was uber-scary!

      • I must be weird. I LOVE the birds. Strove for a long time as an adult to perfect the Tipi Hedron hairstyle. Sigh. Never did get that down. I will admit though, that a flock of birds does give me pause. lol

      • Lol. I love the movie but tis suspenseful and ugh in spots. Makes me duck at the beach when the seagulls are stirred up. I love all Hitchcock movies.

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