Posted by: Author | December 14, 2012

Friday Facts- December 14, 2012- Silent Night

Silent Night is a Christmas carol written in Austria by a priest named Josef Mohr. He was the priest in a small town called Oberndorf and had written the words before he moved there. He asked an organist/schoolmaster named Franz Gruber to write a melody for the words set to guitar. It was first performed on Christmas Eve in 1818 at the church in Oberndorf in the area near Salzburg. It was called Stille Nacht. It’s one of the best carols ever, in my opinion. I was lucky enough to visit Austria when I was 19. It’s a beautiful country. Very clean and gorgeous scenery. The rivers running down the mountains are ice-cold even in summer.

I’m guest posting here today and tomorrow will be a blog hop with a giveaway of some cool stuff. Check back here tomorrow.


  1. Another interesting fact. I would love to visit Austria. Right after Sweden maybe. =)

    • Hope you make it after Sweden!!

      • thanks for the share Lavada. I’m having issues getting the video to show up but it’s a lovely choir singing Stille Nacht.

  2. I’d like to visit Austria too. Great Friday fact Jillian. I shared it on facebook.

  3. Lucky you, getting to visit. I was in Germany when I was 20, but was pregnant, then taking care of a newborn, so travel to Austria was out of the question. Sigh. LOVING this rendition, though. Thank you.

    • Thanks Laurie. Germany is a pretty place as well. Impressive. I’m glad you were there. I also love this rendition.

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