Posted by: Author | December 21, 2012

Friday Facts- December 21, 2012- Michael Crawford

I adore Michael Crawford. He is a very talented singer and was the original Phantom in Phantom of the Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber. He got the role in an interesting way. Andrew Lloyd Webber had already given the role to someone else but it wasn’t working out in rehearsals as the voice of the phantom wasn’t what Webber really wanted with Sarah Brightman (the original Christine). Michael Crawford and Sarah took voice lessons from the same person and one day, when she arrived with her then husband, Webber, for her lesson, Crawford was still in his lesson. Webber said his voice was the voice of the phantom.  The rest is history, as they say.

You may wonder why I’m yammering on about this the weekend before Christmas. Well, Mr. Crawford has the absolute loveliest Christmas album and I love, love to listen to it. I’m going to give you a link here to buy if you’re interested after you hear these favorite songs of mine from it.



  1. I did not know this at all. I don’t think this will qualify as having learned something new that is worthy of being allowed to go home but it’s a lovely fact for this Friday.

  2. love it- thanks for sharing

  3. Yes thanks for sharing. I love FRIDAY FACTS.

  4. Mary, Did You Know is one of my top five favorite Christmas songs, but I hadn’t heard of Michael Crawford. I like his rendition, and his voice. 🙂 The other song, I’ve never heard. Thanks for adding to my holiday “feel good”. 🙂

    • Love Mary did you know. Glad to have introduced you to mr Crawford. He’s got a very lovely voice.

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