Posted by: Author | December 27, 2012

New Cover Love

This story comes out on January 22, 2013 from BookStrand Publishers.  Who does the doctor look like to you? I have an opinion, do you? I always adore the fonts used by this publisher. I scrapbook and love, love fonts!!



  1. Okay, I’m thinking he looks like the guy who played the cop in Bridesmaids that the lead girl finally pairs up with. Can’t think of his name. He was adorable in the movie, and didn’t know how she could resist him, Love the cover (and the font!!) 🙂 Congrats!

    • Thanks Kate. I never saw that movie – will have to check it out. I think he looks like the younger brother on “Royal Pains”

    • or even the doctor brother on the same show. Maybe they melded them together.

  2. I don’t know that he looks a lot like anyone,(although maybe a relative of Judge Reinhold?).Not knowing the story, by the presentation here,my guess is he is a bright young doctor, very sure of himself in the ER, but not so sure of himself when it comes to the ladies, or should I say, real love….am I close?

    • Nope. Wrong. Lol. The picture is nothing like the hero. The picture looks like a dude on tv to me.

      • I’m so sorry; I have had that happen to me, too.If only we could project what is in our minds, huh?

      • Amen, sista. Lol. I told the cover artist it was a young Colin Firth. Colin never looked like this even in a bad day. Lol

  3. The guy from Royal Pains was my first thought. And you are so right about the font. I love the ones used for this cover. Congrats, Jillian!

    • Good job, Laurie. Great guess. I knew we thought alike. Lol. They are good fonts, aren’t they?

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