Posted by: Author | January 4, 2013

Friday Facts- January 4, 2013- John Tyler’s Grandson

John Tyler, the tenth president of the United States was born in 1790. He was married twice and fathered a number of children with his first wife as well as quite a few with his second one for a total of fifteen children. One of them was born with Mr. Tyler was 63.  That son grew up to marry twice as well and had children into his seventies. Harrison Tyler was born when his father was 75.  Harrison is now 89.

I think this is very intriguing. Being a history buff, I love that he can say his grandfather was the tenth president of the United States.


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  1. Interesting fact. I got your book and forwarded the post link to a couple of gals.

  2. Great fact this morning. I look forward to Friday Facts and Wordless Wednesday.

    • Thanks Lavada. This week’s fact brought to you oourtesy of #2 son.

  3. Wow. How cool is that? Nice fact. I’m printing it for hubby to read. He’ll get a kick out of it.

    • Glad this one intrigued you enough to share with hubby. I think it is wickedly cool

      • Me, too. Hubby asked me if I was trying to tell him something. NOT. No more kids for us. We’ve got enough with 5. lol

      • Hehehehe. Yeah. He’s lost his mind if he thinks that was a good plan. Lol

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