Posted by: Author | January 21, 2013

Happy Monday

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr day. I think he was an amazing man who accomplished a lot during his short time on this planet. I’m grateful for the work he did. I have friends of many creeds, nationalities and races. I don’t remember the days of segregation as I was a bit too young when all that was happening. I started school in the 60s but we were always integrated. Even my first grade teacher (whom I adored and spent many after school hours and days with) was African-American (although she’d tell you that she’s black).

I was raised in a family who never cared what race someone is. We care about the inner person – the heart and soul. I am very grateful that I never had to have some of my friends not be allowed to be at my school or sit by me on the bus. I am blessed to have friends of all types in my life. I love that! I think embracing people for who they are is the most rewarding thing in life. I wish, like Dr. King, that more folks were open to that. Who knows? Maybe his dream can still somehow come true.


  1. I am so in agreement with you Jillian and Dr. Kings dream is coming true and I’m so proud of the people that are making it so.

  2. I almost missed this blog. I got home from a weekend away, then involved in a project. I’m so glad I caught it before the end of this holiday (well, it’s not midnight MY time yet). Such an important man and important ideals to remember and emulate. Thanks for reminding us of the dream.

    • Amen Laurie. I agree about MLK. Glad you popped in.

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