Posted by: Author | January 25, 2013

Friday Facts- January 25, 2013- Quarter Horse

As you all know I got a new kitten about a month  ago. He’s now three months old. He’s adorable and very rambunctious. Every time I send my older son a picture of Hobbes, the son says, “He’s getting too big.” I keep telling him that the animal is going to be a cat. He can’t stay a kitten forever and he will grow.

Last night, #1 son mentioned it again since I sent him another picture. I said, “look at the size of Hobbes’ paws, he’s going to be big. As big as a quarter horse.” (Yes, I like to exaggerate).

Son then asked me what a quarter horse is. Before I could answer, he said, “Ah, a horse that does well on a short track, I bet.” He’s a smart man because that’s exactly right.

A quarter horse is a horse that is a good sprinter and can run fast for quarter mile distances. American quarter horses have compact bodies and are used in barrel racing and roping events as well. I have cousins who are champions at these events and the animals are magnificent to watch. Some can run 45-55 mph. That’s wild.

So, even though I know Hobbes won’t get as big as a horse, I think he may can be clocked at 30 mph the way  he runs through this house.

Happy Friday!


  1. I like this fact. My question is how many hands high is Hobbes?

  2. Ahh, I LOVE Darlene’s question. lol a bunch. Hobbes is such a cutie and I’m glad he’s giving you lots of smiles.

    • He is definitely making me happy. I love him and can’t wait to get home every day to play with him. He’s making my life joyful for sure.

  3. I’m so glad for you and Hobbes. He definitely picked his person. He cute now but with those paws he’s going to be a striking adult.

    Yep good question on the hands high Darlene. 🙂

    • He definitely got into my heart fast. Scary fast, Lavada. And you’re right, he’s going to be striking.

    • oh, yeah. I’m going to measure him when I get home. LOL

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