Posted by: Author | February 4, 2013

Cake Tasting






We went over to St. Augustine this past weeknd (6 hour each way-ugh). We had appointments with the bride and groom and her parents to check out photographers, florists and the baker for the cakes. The cake tasting was by far the most fun. She had baked chocolate, white and red velvet cupcakes. She had about 12 fillings for us to try including dulce de leche, pistachio, strawberry, mocha, chocolate mousse, guava, coconut, raspberry, lemon, etc.

It was a tad overwhelming but sooo good. They decided on a three tier wedding cake with cream-colored layers on top and bottom that will have piping in the middle tier color in a kind of loose swirl design. The middle tier will be blue/grey with a kind of lattice pattern with a very Parisian look to it. Their theme is based on Starry Night, the impressionist painting by Van Gogh and Midnight in Paris, the movie. It’s going to be lovely. The cake will be white with lemon and raspberry filling. I’m going to see if I can find a similar picture to share.

This baker is amazingly talented and for the groom’s cake- which will be chocolate infused with Kahlua with mocha icing, she’s going to re-create Salisbury Crag and the ruins at Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh as that’s where they got engaged.


  1. Fun, when is the wedding? I know you’ve probably said but I can’t remember. What over all color’s are they going with? Next will be the groom’s mothers dress right?

    • The wedding is Oct 13, Lavada. Their color palette is charcoal grey with navy, some yellow and silver. The bridesmaid dresses are dark grey with gold and silver design on them. They actually looked navy to me in the pictures I saw but son says it’s a deep grey. I’ve been looking for a dress but no luck as yet

  2. Awesome . . . Sounds very European . . Their theme is my favorite painting of Van Gogh. I am sure wedding will be beautiful. I feel so old. I remember when you had him . . Where does the time go.

    • I know, Samantha. Time seems to fly by doesn’t it? I feel old too. Especially today when I really want just to nap for a long time. LOL!

  3. How cool is this? I love the Van Gogh theme. It’s so exciting, planning a wedding. And stressful, too, but worth it.

    • Thanks Laurie. I love it too. I’m not too involved with the planning. I was there mostly to be sure my son’s voice was heard. LOL! I told him that I am one of two things- 1. Queen Elizabeth- who’s role in the constitutional monarchy is to” listen, advise and warn” but make no decisions. OR 2. Switzerland- but I really can’t say I’m Switzerland as I’m not totally neutral since I want this to be as much his wedding as hers.

  4. Oh, it sounds lovely! Wish I had been there for the tasting, but it sounds like y’all did a fine job even without my dessert expertise! It’s gonna be fabulous!!!

    • Thanks Arabella. I think it will be wonderful if it goes as well as they plan.

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