Posted by: Author | February 25, 2013

It’s Finally Done!

Remember when I bought that super-duper awesome sink? The one with the flowers? Well, I finally found a cabinet for it and got a cool faucet and convinced sweet-talked the guys in my house to spend an afternoon putting that sucker in at my office. There’s a gash where they pulled out the old cabinet that we’ll have to fill and paint over but I’m very pleased at how it turned out.

I’m looking for a cabinet now for the staff to use for their toiletries since the two drawers they had before are now gone and half the interior of the cabinet is a small hot water heater since the main one in the building is too far away to get hot water delivered quickly. Hoping to score something super cool for the cabinet. Wish me luck.

Here’s how it turned out:



  1. That sink looks AWESOME, Jillian! And the cabinet is the perfect pedestal for it. Well done! You’re going to smile every time you walk in or by it.

    • Thanks Laurie. I do love it. And you are right. It makes me smile. What a quest to get the right base though.

  2. Yes, I remember that sink. I still love it and it looks great. It has to feel good to have it in working order.

    • Thanks Lavada. I’m thrilled to finally have it installed.

  3. What a cheerful sink! People will never stop finding excuses to go wash their hands!! Have a wonderful week. You’re off to a good start!! 🙂


    • Thanks kate. I hope I can keep my staff out of there long enough to get some work done. Lol. Enjoy your week, too.

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