Posted by: Author | March 14, 2013

Pi Day

untitledI actually got some pie on this Pi day (3.14). I’m overly excited about that since I missed National Pie Day which was in February. I was jonesing for pie that whole day and never got any so, devious person that I am, I picked the place to go to lunch today with my friend and I chose a place that ALWAYS has pie. Picadilly Cafeteria. They can make a mean one there. All their pies are exceptional.

As we were in line, we chatted about pie and which to choose. My friend reminded me that her husband’s favorite was coconut cream. He passed away suddenly in August, 2011 and he’s still very missed so I chose to have his favorite in his memory. After I ate it, I toasted him with my fork. He would’ve loved that.

What about you? Is there a pie flavor that reminds you of a loved one? Do you plan to eat pie on this Pi day?


  1. Missed Pi day. And I love Pi maybe banana cream is my favorite or berry or ??? heck I just love pie.

    • Darn, Lavada. You and Laurie need to meet, have a slice and toast me like Tiny Tim did Scrooge when he said he was the one who made their feast possible. Lol

      • I agree, and soon. And I missed the Peach pie until Laurie mentioned it. Fresh Peach pie is my very very very favorite.

      • Oooh, peach pie- sigh!!! And yeah, I’m hoping to visit sometime

  2. I missed BOTH Pi(e) days, darn it! I’m a cream pie person. And peach and apple. But not so much berry pie.
    Darn. Now I’m hungry.

    • Man, Laurie. We gotta get you some pie, woman.

  3. Better yet, maybe we should get you out to our coast and ALL meet for pie. lol

    • Sounds good. Long flight for pie, though! LOL!

      • Yes, but oh, so worth it. 🙂

      • Someday for sure!!

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