Posted by: Author | March 18, 2013

I’m in Alabama Today

I dragged myself four hours north to take a deposition in the town where I got my start as a lawyer. A lot has changed about the outskirts over the years but the downtown area is much the same. I’ve been back quite a few times to see family (I have a sister in law up here) but this is the first time I’ve been back on a legal case. It’s interesting to be doing that after so many years.

I’m a little sad though because I was supposed to have dinner with a friend last night so I didn’t tell my sis- in law I was coming as I knew she’d want to feed me. My friend canceled on me at the last minute which made me feel like no one likes me. I mean, really, I haven’t seen her in a year and she knew I was coming for several weeks. It seemed like a slap in the face. She gave a legitimate excuse but I still was hurt. I guess I’m too darned sensitive lately since I seem to be letting people have way too much access to my heart and getting my feelings hurt.

I need to toughen up this old hide on the personal side. I’m tough as nails as a lawyer and I think that sometimes makes people get the wrong impression of me in my personal life. I really am a softie.


  1. Well, Monday while you were doing the professional thing, I was knee deep in grand kids and Leggos. I’m sorry your plans fell through. It’s not fun when that happens and it’s tough to take personally, although I’m sure it wasn’t. But I’m glad you got to see Birmingham again. I bet it brought back a lot of memories and I hope they were all good ones. 🙂

    • sounds like a much more fun time. Hmmm. legos vs. neurosurgeon depo. Tough call.

    • and yeah, there were some good memories. The hail storm on my way home wasn’t a picnic though! LOL!

      • I’ll take the grand kids over the depo, thank you. 🙂 And glad you survived the hail storm. Yuch!

      • Thanks. I’d take that too. And YECH indeed.

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